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We Take A Four

Step Approach to

Organic Lawn Care.

Maintaining proper practices is the single most important element

the consumer can learn and apply in addition to our programs. 


At Green Core Organics our goal is to educate the consumer about sustainable organic lawn care. We accomplish this by posting scholarly articles on our website, social media, and pdf documents. We detail our organic approach by coaching the consumer on organic practices.

2.feeding the soil

The premise of natural lawn care is feeding the soil which will in turn feed the grass.  We use a variety of natural, grain-based amendments and organic fertilizers to provide the nutrition your lawn needs.  The inputs will also provide a boost to your soil’s organic matter. 


We follow with applications of a biologically active liquid that is similar to compost tea and is teeming with beneficial microbes and bacteria.  The microbes and bacteria will feed on the organic matter in your lawn and release nutrients to the grass. 


This is the way nature has been doing it for millions of years!

3.core aeration

Aeration loosens compacted soil, allowing oxygen, nutrients and moisture to reach the root zone of the lawn.  It also provides room for the roots to expand, aiding in drought resistance and weed suppression.


Weeds thrive in compacted soil. 


Overseeding is essentially the planting of new grass in existing turf.  It is an amendment that is used

for thickening up a lawn- this is a maintenance procedure and is not the same as planting a new lawn.


Grass is like any other plant and all of us- it has a lifespan and will die out.  If you do not replenish

the grass with new seeds you can get thin, bare spots which are havens for weed seeds.  

Overseeding corrects this and allows new grass seeds to germinate in existing grass areas.

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