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1. Organic Program |  5 Visits |  5 Applications

Organic fertilizers + organic nutrients to help improve the state of your lawn. 

2. Organic Plus | 5 Visits |  7 Applications

Organic fertilizers + nutrients to improve the state of your lawn. This program also includes aeration + overseeding which are very important for lawn + soil health.

3. Weed + Feed | 4 Visits |  7 Applications

Designed to mitigate weeds + fertilize your lawn. It contains a pre-emergent application in the Spring + another in the Fall to help prevent weeds that have not emerged yet. It has organic fertilizer treatments + Iron broadcast spray that helps with broadleaf weeds. Aeration + Overseeding included.

4. DIY Programs

We will drop products off at your property with instructions on how + when to use the products.

We will be available by phone/email if you have

any questions along the way. We have different programs that we offer for this approach, depending on what you are looking for.

5. Aeration/Overseed

The best method for relieving soil compaction. Core aeration is the process of mechanically removing plugs of soil from your lawn to improve the depth and extent of turfgrass rooting. Aerating a lawn allows for better water uptake, fertilizer utilization + thatch breakdown. Overseeding is the distribution of grass seed mix in order to help thicken the turf + establish growth. We do 90% of our Aerations in combination with Overseed!

6. Dense Overseed

Essentially the planting of new grass in existing turf. It is an amendment used for thickening up a lawn - this is a maintenance procedure + not the same as planting a new lawn. When taken care of properly (water, staying off the lawn) this process can fill in larger areas full of turf.

7. Double Aeration/Overseed

Same process as Aeration/Overseed, but done with multiple passes + double the amount of seed. This should be used if there is little to no turf in the area. (Ask for photos as this truly does work!)

8. Fall + Spring Cleanup

We remove around 75% of the leaves, and mulch the other 25% into the lawn in order to lessen waste and let your lawn obtain natural nutrients that in turn benefit your soil.

9. Landscaping

Please provide more information on what you are looking to have done. We can discuss in more detail.

10. Mosquito + Tick Control 

All-natural treatment is a barrier spray that protects your yard for up to four weeks at a time. It is sprayed on any vegetation areas that mosquitos like to live. (5 or 7 application throughout season)

11. Organic Top Dressing

Top dressing is very beneficial for lawns with poor soil, uneven turf or extreme thatch problems. We apply different organic materials ranging from sand compost mix to straight compost depending on soil make-up and drainage. Top dressing makes your soil thrive by boosting the organic matter filling it with soil microbes and allowing the turf to work for itself becoming more sustainable just as nature intended.

12. Soil Builder Application 

C20 is a powerful granulated organic matter used to feed + transform soil back to a thriving eco system. C20 stimulates + feeds soil microbes which reduces compaction and also creates a food to feed your turf. 

13. Sodding

Sometimes a fresh start is what is needed! Please let us know the approximate size of the area you want sodded + the current situation of this area (grass, dirt, graded etc.)

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