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How Are The Results + 

How Long Will It Take?

The results when using an organic lawn care program are as good or better than synthetics, but it will take a little longer.  Depending on the current state of your lawn and soil it may take a season or two to achieve optimum results. Your lawn may look worse for a period as it transitions from a dependance on synthetics to deriving its nutrition from organic fertilizer and the soil.  It requires patience and a desire to work with nature to build a healthy soil and lawn.


Are Synthetic Fertilizers + Pesticides Harmful?

The answer to this one is a resounding YES. Most synthetic fertilizers consist of granular salts and are created using petroleum products.  Their manufacture creates pollution and consumes non – renewable resources. Their quick release nature means much of the product runs off, ending up in our waterways or leaching into the soil and groundwater.

Pesticide (weed killer) use has been linked to many health problems, especially in young children. 


These include many forms of cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, reproductive problems and asthma. Pets, like small children, can’t read the “Keep Off” signs posted on lawns after the application of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Studies have shown that pets exposed to chemically treated lawns raised their risk for certain forms of cancer profoundly. Visit our Organic Education page for some great links to pesticide dangers. The number one reason to switch to environmentally friendly lawn care program is to avoid these dangers.


What About Weeds?

Weeds are an indication of poor soil health and improper maintenance methods. They thrive in compacted, nutritionally deficient soils. Organic lawn care will not create a weed free lawn, but by creating a soil well suited for grass and employing proper cultural practices, weeds can be kept to a minimum. 


Conventional lawn care programs usually lead to more weed problems than using natural methods.  The difference is the chemical companies simply spray on more weed killer to eradicate them.


Are Your Products Safe?

We only use 100% natural products including grain based natural fertilizers and a compost tea liquid derived from all natural ingredients.  They contain no synthetics or human or animal waste products. Your family and pets can enjoy your chemical free lawn immediately after any of our services.


Is An Organic Program

More Expensive?

Initially the cost of an organic lawn service may be higher than a synthetic program as we work to bring the soil and lawn back to a healthy state, although we’ve found we are very comparable to many chemical companies in the Twin Cities. 


The great thing about organics is that the cost goes down over time as the soil is built up and fewer inputs are needed.  Organic lawns grow at a slower, steadier rate requiring less mowing. The deeper root system results in decreased watering requirements and a lower water bill.

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